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Your character's name: Adam Eddington III
Your character's canon: L'Engleverse ("The Time Quartet" is currently the nearest thing. Although that's inaccurate for my pup, I'm fine using that if it's easier. "Chronos" and "Kairos" conventions, unfortunately, also don't apply.)
What type of canon is it: Book series
Your character's LJ: transluminary
How should your character's tag look?: adam eddington
Is your character living or dead at their time of entry?: Living
Does your character have any pre-existing disabilities of a medical, physical, or psychiatric nature?:

At the end of Troubling a Star, Adam was shot in the shoulder with some kind of military rifle. The bullet passed cleanly through and he was treated for it right away by an experienced doctor. Based on his relatively good condition afterwards* as well as his age/health/psychological state/overall fitness, I've decided (to take advantage of the fact that canon never specified) that he got very, very lucky so far as shoulder wounds go and was allowed to stay for the reminder of his internship. In this case, he's been making a clean recovery, no complications, with about one month left to heal. He has to do physical therapy to preserve mobility of his shoulder and wear his backpack very carefully, but he will eventually be a-okay.

* Which, according to Google, was crazy-fortuitous and kind of unlikely – by all rights he should have been hospitalized for at least a week...

Tell us about your character's background:

Adam is a marine biology major and something of a science prodigy. His parents work at Columbia University and he's pretty much grown up in the adult world. He graduated high school at 16 and was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley.

The summer before he went off to school, he got a job with renown marine biologist Dr. O'Keefe (Calvin) in Gaea, a (fictional) island off the coast of Portugal. Dr. O'Keefe's research involved limb regeneration and starfish and was coveted by two sides that sought to control it for different "good" reasons (or so it is presented in the novel). One side included beautiful sophisticate Carolyn "Kali" Cutter; the other side included Dr. O'Keefe and young embassy official Joshua Archer.

Adam became a tool for both parties, allegiance osculating from one to the other in his growing confusion. He was attracted to Kali, but grew especially close to Joshua who tried to guide Adam down the right path (the one without the greed). In the end, the faith of 12 year-old Poly O'Keefe won him over, but he still readily believed Kali when she claimed a change of heart. Kali betrayed him, and Adam's decision to trust in her led directly to Joshua being shot and killed. The Cutters got away clean.

A year later, Adam was only just coming to terms with Joshua's death for which he blamed himself. He took an internship on Seven Bay Island the following summer where he met the Austin family, particularly Vicky Austin.

Vicky Austin was fifteen, plain, a poet, and a goodly soul. She not only had a way with words, but also a way with the dolphins that were at the center of Adam's summer project. His thesis revolved around non-verbal communication through an intuitive leap – and Vicky excelled at exactly this leap. (The idea for this project was probably influenced by his time on Gaia and Poly's relationship with a dolphin named Macrina.) Vicky was attracted to Adam, and Adam, too, found himself drawn to Vicky – in spite of his decision after Kali never to trust a woman again.

The year following the dolphins, Adam received a grant for an internship in Antarctic. Vicky, er, stopped by to see him. Again, things refused to stay simple. Both teenagers managed to get themselves listed as enemies (fictional again) South American dictatorship, Vespugia, due to a misunderstanding. Adam spent much of the time dodging (and failing to dodge) international conspiracy. In the end, he saw Vicky safe, but their mutual friend Esteban* was killed in the conflict, and Adam was shot.

As previously mentioned, I've decided that afterwards, Adam returns to his research work until it's time to go home (in about five months). He is plucked from in the middle of this return journey.

* Esteban was a dark-haired, blue-eyed Vespugian soldier (and oboist) and a descendant of Welsh settlers. This heralds back to the events of A Swiftly Tilting Planet. Sometimes I'm very easily amused.

Your character's personality:

Adam is deliberate and philosophical and very much scientifically-oriented. While he tends toward rational thought processes, he appreciates the potential in other perspectives (artistic, poetic, etc) and believes in discovery through intuitive leaps. He's intellectually curious and has a pretty broad definition for "possible" – for a scientist – as indicated by his independent project on, effectively, psychic dolphins. He loves his work which always winds up being right at that boundary between actual science and science fiction.

At the same time that he's being radical about science, Adam is somewhat old-fashioned ("square"). He's principled and has what his friend John describes as a "strong center." He's cautious in romance (although Vicky is slowly winning him over) and generally pretty reserved, but he isn't shy. He'll pull out chairs, hold open doors, and greet dear friends and family with a kiss, all without thinking much of it.

Although his inclination is to withdraw from emotionally dangerous water, by the point where I'm taking him, Adam's learned that people need to be open to each other, even at the risk of being hurt. It's not easy, but he tries. Beautiful women still put him on his gaurd.

Adam's a good listener but not much one for talking about himself; he doesn't open up to many people, but he values friendship a lot and enjoys seeing his favorite people getting along. He gets along with people of all generations. He is strongly empathetic towards people suffering grief or guilt. Intelligent and perceptive, he actually does have a good instinct for people; it just took him a little too long to start trusting it. Since Joshua Archer's death, he's gained confidence in his ability to tell the good guys from the bad guys, the right motives from the wrong ones.

He may be serious, but he isn't in the least dour. He's playful when the mood strikes him, standing on his head or turning perfect cartwheels in the sand. "Gravity and levity" as Vicky tells it. He gets really excited about science and some of the wilder ideas it inspires.

Adam will do silly things like sing to dolphins or write letters in secret code (actually, the situation was more tense than silly). He learned street Spanish from his best friend Juan from Puerto Rico; the two once helped stop a rumble. He's not at all pious, but he's thoughtful about religion. He doesn't pull away from difficult things anymore, like death, or greed, or depressing current events on the news.

Why do you want to play this character?:

I admit it. As fond as I am of Vicky, I've always been a little in love with Adam. He's an attractive character. Sort of. In Troubling a Star, L'Engle manages to get through the whole of the novel without giving any physical description of Adam beyond that he isn't "strikingly handsome." Instead, Vicky explains, "Adam's looks were perfectly okay on the outside, but it was his inside looks that got to me. Adam's dazzle was inner, not outer."* A little overkill, maybe, but I'm really excited by the chance to play out that radiance. Adam's interested in a lot of the things I am: life science, cognition, morality - but he's better than me. It'll be a worthwhile challenge to draw out his flaws without diminishing his goodness. And hey, maybe some of that light will bleed over.

I'm definitely influenced by the presence of canonmates (and the evidence of muns who will actually know my canon). I would love for Adam to get in better touch with the Kairos side of the L'Engle verse, and I'd like to see how his interactions with people he knew change now that Polly is grown and Calvin is... not so much. At the same time, I've always been fond of crossovers and panfandom and the stuff you can get out of playing vastly different canons against one another. I'm especially excited about the rich literary cast of TR and the chance to play with/against them.

As a setting, a tropical island overflowing with life and seemingly with incredible supernatural forces visibly at work is going to be a paradise for Adam, even if he'll worry for his people back at home. He's definitely accepting of the bizarre, but this place is going to push it for him. It'll be a fun test for us both.

Your character's initial personal inventory:

- Wearing:
o A light, breathable bandage over his (injured) left shoulder
o White t-shirt
o Long blue jeans
o Sneakers and socks
o Underwear
o Light jacket
o Heavy coat (carried, not worn)
o Waterproof watch (analogue, with a second hand)
- Waterproof wallet
o Credit card sized map of New York City
o Two metro cards, one empty, one at $12.25
o Two credit cards and one debit card
o School ID for University of California, Berkley
o Drivers License for NY
o CPR certification card
o EMT certification card (NY), due to expire in a year
o $43.03 in cash
o Business card (taxi service) with various phone number scrawled on the back
o Business card (dentist) with a poem scrawled on the back, signed Vicky Austin
o Two standard sized Band-Aids
o Pocket photograph of a three-person nuclear family posing on the steps of Low Library, Columbia University
- Worn but serviceable backpack containing:
o A small roll of bandages
o Gloves and a hat
o American passport, airline tickets/stubs, travel documents
o Extra underwear and a pair of clean socks
o UV protective sunglasses and a bottle of sunblock
o Half-empty bottle of hand lotion (unscented)
o Pocket tissues
o Disposable camera
o Three rolls of undeveloped film (one in the camera, two in cases)
o Postcards and letters sent from family and friends
o Three blank souvenir shop postcards with the conventional scenes of Antarctica: penguins and icebergs and such
o Two notebooks: one empty with a few pages missing, one filled with equations and procedures in Adam's precise print – a well-used lab notebook
o Pencil case
§ Assorted ink pens (black and blue)
§ Red pen
§ Bottle of white-out (sponge-tipped applicator)
§ Two mechanical pencils
§ White rubber eraser
§ One container for .5 lead (half-empty)
§ Yellow highlighter
o Scientific calculator (TI-30)
o Black Sharpie
o 6" ruler (used as a bookmark for: )
o A battered copy of Hamlet
o Ceramic penguin figurine (rock-hopper) in a gift shop bag, with receipt
- Package of airplane peanuts, unopened
- Airport playing cards, unopened

Your character's entrance post:

The announcer's accented Spanish caught Adam just as he was about to nod off in his chair. Time to board. It repeated in English as he gingerly shouldered his backpack and rose to get in line with his crowd of fellow travelers.

Adam suppressed a yawn.

The flight from Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, to Santiago, Chile, had been relatively short compared to this upcoming part of his journey, but he was already tired and eager to see the familiar chaos of JFK and good old New York City.

In spite of some concerns – coming in from all quarters – Adam was making the journey back on his own. LeNoir simply didn't have the man-power to provide their youngest intern with an escort, and it had been several months since the misunderstanding with Vespugia had, at least in theory, been cleared up.

Esteban's killer would probably never see justice, but Adam probably didn't have to be worried about being kidnapped or shot at anymore, either. Hours of grueling debriefing and diplomatic tiptoeing had to be worth something.

Adam shivered as he filed up the ramp. Late spring in the States was late autumn here, although it would never rival Antarctica for cold. He nodded politely to the flight attendant and was stepping across the metal threshold onto the plane when—

— without warning or preamble —

—he was suddenly and violently drenched in a furious downpour that had no place aboard a plane. Adam winced, conditioned over the past few months to an environment where being wet could have lethal consequences. But he wasn't going to freeze to death. He might just vaporize, instead. Just as abruptly (just as inexplicably), he was made aware of the incredible heat. Adam felt his body break out all over in sweat, his clothes sticky and sticking to his skin, even without the plastering efforts of the rain.

"Oh. God. What?" he managed to spit out between mouthfuls of water, casting around for some familiar landmark, some sign of the airport or the plane he had been about to board. It was so dark.

The bomb, he thought dazedly before reason reasserted itself. Unfortunately, once it arrived, reason thought nuclear Armageddon was a perfectly good explanation for the abruptness of the change. The other option was moderately less horrifying and involved being very, very wrong about the authorities in Vespugia being through with him.

It didn't look like any part of the country he recognised. Not that he'd seen much of Vespugia. Not that he could see through the darkness of it's-suddenly-night or the curtain of rainwater. The heat at least was familiar, if seasonally inappropriate and not exactly comforting. He didn't miss the bugs.

There was another roar, faint and rhythmic, somewhere behind the mad thunder of raindrops exploding against the earth. It took Adam a while to place it, and even longer to spot the source. Waves. A deeper blackness amidst black, vast and full of motion.

Adam found the ocean.


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