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Thinking too hard about this stuff, maybe. Think, "I need a hobby," until I remember: this is it.

On Ages and Timelines:

Greater context:
Adam's canon makes temporally placing him in the context of the our world somewhat difficult, not the least due to possible contradictions within the actual texts. The books are published fifteen or fourteen years apart and each book is current for the scientific and political concerns of its publishing date, but chronologically they occur within the span of two years.

For a while, Adam's birth year was listed as 1966. That is because I cannot count. It has since been revised. It's a coincidence that TAotS came out in 1965, but it's a coincidence that amuses me.

Chronologically, TAotS takes place one year before the events of ARoEL, but Adam is sixteen in the former and says he is "nearly nineteen" in the latter. In order to accommodate this, I've decided that he was exaggerating his age in order to emphasize to Vicky that he was significantly older than her in order to make a point.

ARoEL occurs late in the summer, when Adam had already been working at the Marine Station for several weeks. TAotS begins at the start of summer, maybe even only days after Adam graduated high school. His date of birth is not mentioned in any of the texts.

Therefore, I propose that his birthday falls somewhere in the middle of the summer and that over a year of his life is never 'on screen'; specifically the bits where he is seventeen. This allows him to be sixteen one summer and eighteen the next.

Someone has too much time on her hands. But there are worse ways to spend it.

Not featured yet, but maybe ought to be, are Poly's adventures in Venezuela which she has at the age of 14; I haven't read DitW so I haven't placed it yet. In my headcanon, there are letters, but no face-to-face meetings. Adam mentions wanting to intern for Dr. O'Keefe again after TaS, but the news is still out on whether or not this would contradict canon (because leaving off planning this until late May is too irresponsible for Adam).

Also conspicuously absent are TMaN and TYU in which Vicky is 14 and 15 respectively. Oh dude, can you imagine trying to track Zachary Gray/Grey through canon? Craziness. I'll probably do this eventually.

Adam and Vicky spend over half each year with only a two year age gap, as opposed to a three (or four, Adam tried to imply) year one. This is a lot less sketchy, don't you think?

The missing month:
Adam exits canon in May, but he arrives practically on top of his birthday in late June. This means he turns nineteen roughly around late July by his reckoning, and that on his birthday, he is still a month younger than whatever he is officially. I don't know why you'd care. I sort of suspect Adam does, though.
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